The various advantages of personal fitness training with a focus on boxing coaching includes improving your ability to leverage and manage explosive power along with boosting your overall endurance and core strength.

It is scientifically established that exercise can help increase your metabolism, the level of endorphins, elevate your mood, reduce fat, and also bring down your stress, thus, enabling you to enjoy a sound slumber at night time.

It is pretty standard for many of our course takers to attend in our high-intensity boxing training and personal fitness classes in Manchester after spending an entire day in the workplace or university. Such sessions are to last no more than half-an-hour where you will get an opportunity to put yourself at test against a retired professional boxer.

By taking our advanced boxing coaching and custom fitness lessons in Manchester, you will get to learn how to channelise your workplace stress into something incredibly positive. Try our introductory class today to transform all your aggression into inspiration and motivation while testing your true mettle with the most challenging workouts you are to ever come across.

After a number of initial bio-mechanical evaluations for understanding body compensation patterns at the muscular level, you will be presented with a few corrective exercises to prevent the odds of getting injured before proceeding with the fundamentals of leisure boxing. It is no surprise that both our one-on-one and group training sessions are immensely popular among a significant number of local men and women for boxing fitness in Manchester.

You will begin with mitt training and we have established a stringent security protocol to ensure your safety. For instance, your attendant will take ample time and carefully wrap your hands for ensuring that you do not get injured during the rigorous training session, thus, increasing your confidence and helping you focus on the coaching.

Pads and mitts act as targets and assist you in honing the precision and accuracy of your punches. Punches and mitt combinations are always evolving and we help you keep updated on the latest techniques.

We, at Bobbi Joe Personal Training, are committed to delivering you the most effective sessions for boxing-focused personal fitness exercises.