About Us

Nutrition and Health Manchester is paramount in an individual’s life. Everyone has a goal in life that needs to be fulfilled. For Bobbi Joe, the goal was to build a career out of boxing. He started his career in 1978 dreaming to be the next big personality in the boxing industry. That dream was finally fulfilled in 1990 with 23 professional fights in his name for Light Heavy Cruiser Weight.

After a successful career in boxing, his focus shifted towards training young minds with a hope to make it big someday just like he did once. He is respected and loved by all for the guidance that he renders to his students.

As a fitness instructor Manchesterhe does his job with sincerity. His training entails weight loss programs Manchester along with boxing fitness Manchester. Bobbi-Joe believes in a mission of giving wings to amateur boxers who are willing to strive.

His primary job as a fitness instructor Manchester is to never distinguish between his fellow male and female students. He gives equal importance to woman’s weight Manchester. Not just men but he handles his female students too with utmost attention. Under him, no talent is ever neglected.

With Bobbi-Joe as a fitness instructor Manchester by your side, you are bound to excel in your endeavors. He loves to help those who want to help themselves. He works on the drive of his students and prepares them for the fight of their life. He teaches like there’s no tomorrow, therefore dedicating yourself towards your goal as if it were your last wish. Bobbi-Joe holds a license that legitimises his position as a professional coach. His 23 years of experience gives him an upper hand in comparison to his peers.

In this field, he has gained strong reputation as the best fitness instructor Manchester by holding informative sessions. His classes include hands-on training that is extremely crucial for one’s growth. In every student, he sees his young self who is full of dreams and aspirations.

No student has ever left without having an amazing learning experience. Each one of them have cherished the sessions spent alongside him. Boxing is like meditating. Both of these activities need time and practice. He keeps in mind that the practice sessions are held regularly and with strict decorum. With rigorous training, one can progress faster than the others. He believes that even though he is a professional yet there is no stopping from learning. He learns and teaches every day.