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  • We are all winners
    but you have to step up to be one.

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  • We are all winners
    but you have to step up to be one.

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Personal Training

Helping you achieve your set goals. Motivating you into being the best you can be.

Boxing & Fitness Motivator

Helping you unleash the beast within you.

Beginners 2 Winners!

White Collar Boxing & Coaching sessions provider.

Nutrition and Healthy lifestyle advice

Helping you with your dietary concerns and providing the best plans.

Step in the groove and move.

Bobbi-Joe Personal Training

Bobbi Joe Personal Training is an acclaimed boxing training and personal fitness coaching centre in Manchester. The boxer, the training centre has been named after, motivates our clients while offering customised goal setting, individual analysis, and bespoke learning experience. At Bobbi Joe, we assess the strengths and weaknesses of each of our students on several fitness metrics, along with educating them in exercise and various other wellness topics.

Our theoretical and practical lessons include general nutrition and health guidelines, advanced lifting procedures with technique and form, mapping of the most appropriate cardio workout suitable to one’s body type and preferences, conducting de-stressing sessions, as well as providing handpicked tips and tricks on how to remain motivated throughout the journey and accomplish your objective.


  • You can either opt for our private workout sessions and get coached by a qualified personal trainer in Manchester or choose to participate in our small group sessions with your friend.
  • A seasoned personal instructor in Manchester will help you co-create a customised fitness regimen.
  • If you are an absolute beginner or wish to introduce some variance in your present exercising programme, we can assist you in realising your dreams better and faster.

Receive exclusive hands-on training and first-hand knowledge shared by a veteran personal trainer in Manchester about the numerous cardiovascular exercises and weight training styles, what workouts you can safely perform at home, and how to train your core and lower body without getting injured.

Are you ready to train with Bobbie-Joe? Learn all about fitness and get yourself back into shape today.

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You can visit my gym 'Primal Boxing Fitness' at Trafford Park, M17 1SN.

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